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City Groups

A City Group is similar to a household in a bigger family of people. This is where we aim to do life together, to be in a deep and meaningful community with one another, and also where we keep ourselves focussed towards places and people in desperate need of the good news of Jesus Christ.

What is a city group?

We have three City Groups at the moment with two meetings on a Wednesday and one on a Friday.

All the City Groups have families, married folk without kids and some single folk. At the moment, because of the regulations with regard to COVID-19, we still meet each other either online or in person.

The easiest way to describe a City Group gathering is: sharing a meal, fellowship, study, and prayer. So, it’s not a dinner club, but we do eat together. It’s not a social gathering, but we do hang out. It’s not a Bible Study, but we do study the Bible. It’s not a prayer gathering, but we do pray together. It’s like a family!

We do this through different rhythms:, one week may be focused on scripture deep dive, 2 weeks as split gatherings (either ladies or gents), the last week as a week dedicated to what the City Group needs and utilising the gifts in the City Group. One week in the month is dedicated to City Group Lunch of Supper.

We do welcome anyone into a City Group gathering. Feel free to reach out to us if you are curious about it or keen to join one.

To join a City Group, please email us at:

Please send me more information on City Group…

Sunday service details

Time: 9:30AM
Location: 158 South Street, Doringkloof, Centurion, 0163

What to Expect:

Our services start at 9:30am. Coffee and Tea are served from 09:00am, so come early and meet some new people.

Our services typically include a time where we sing together, pray, fellowship with one another and listen to teaching from the Bible. 


Children are loved and welcome at our services. We have the children in the service with us to see us engage with God and one another until a specific moment in the service.

Then we have Children’s Discipleship where children are taught the bible, spend time working on crafts and playing together. This is a great space for children from age 3-9. For children aged 0-3 who are still in nappies or drinking formula we have a babies room where the sermon (video and audio) is shared. Parents are welcome to stay in the service with their babies or use the babies room to hear the sermon. We also have a baby changing station that is available to use to change and dispose of nappies for children still wearing nappies.


At Fellowship City, we love praying for one another. It’s a joy and a privilege to lift up our family’s requests to the Lord. If you have any prayer requests, please send them through to us.

You can either send us a prayer request by filling in the form or emailing it to us at